As many others, our Virtual Airline started just as a group of friends who were flying together.

We wanted to create a VA to unify our operations and enjoy our flights even more. In the 2005 we went online with our first website and in 10 years of activity we kept on updating ourself in order to be always on top of the "market".

The name and the spirit of the company have been chosen in order to eliminate all the regional differences and other particulars that sadly divides the virtual airline panorama.

We wanted to be united under a brand that could represent all of our people.

In this year of activity we flown hundreds thousands hours and we visited almost every international airport in the world bringing the "Italian" spirt everywhere with us.

The 2015 it's a remarkable year for Italian Avition. After 10 years of activity we needed some fresh air in the company. For this reason we changed some key people on the management side and we implemented a new website. New features as MilACARS and various tour are being offered to our pilot to make their activity even more fun and realistic.

We open up 3 new different sections (European, US-Nord America and Cargo) in order to give a variety of choices for the operations type.

Many other news are coming as we never stop working for our community.

Our name is our business card everywhere we land... Join us and be a flying ambassador of our spirits and name.