General rules

  1. Italian Aviation Virtual Airline is virtual airline for a recreational use only. There are no money collection and/or subscription fees.
  2. It is absolutely forbidden to conduct an offensive behavior towards everyone.
  3. Everything published on the website is for simulation only porpuse.
  4. Italian Aviation end its administrators are not responsable for malfunctions caused by the website and/or the material on it.

Membership rules

  1. Italian Aviaton according to the Italian Repubblic Constitution does not discriminate anyone and accept all the membership requests sent from the website.
  2. Only on exceptional basis the Staff has the faculty to reject a membership request.
  3. The cancellation request has to be sent in a written form to
  4. To apply for a Staff position send a written request to . The request has to include: the wanted position and a motivation letter.

Operational rules

  1. In case of a limited flying activity all the pilots are required to performa a “Recurrent Qualification Rating” every 90 days. The minimum flight time is 25mins and the flight has to arrive at LIPQ - Trieste Ronchi dei Legionari.
  2. The only accepted methods to record a flight are the manual pirep and the automatic ACARS.
  3. It is forbidden to record the same flight for multiple virtual airlines. Flights with IAA - IA codes are exclusive.
  4. The pirep validator has the faculty to: accept, reject or ask for clarification whenever is needed.
  5. The flight report (pirep or acars) has to arrive within 48hrs.
  6. All pilots are required to follow the specific rules on the network they are using (IVAO - VATSIM).


  1. By sending the membership request the user accept this whole policy and gives his consent in regard of a privacy regulation according to D.lgs. 196 del 30 giugno 2003.